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Discover the power of music through innovative, educational programming

We love music and the way it molds us into something different than we were before we first heard it. Music changes us, and the change is for the better. That’s why we promote the education and enjoyment of chamber music in Montgomery, Alabama for people of all ages, including children and youth. Together we can cultivate appreciation for the arts and humanities while fostering a sense of community among the performers and the audience.


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2017 Competition Winner – Roger Briggs

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our 2017 Composition Competition, Roger Briggs! Roger’s piece “Friction” is the perfect complement to Catalyst’s Hemispheres Program that was performed on March 10th. Roger spoke eloquently about the [...]

2012 Special Competition Winner – Iron Giant

ClefWorks announced Iron Giant Percussion as the winner of its special Percussion Competition for 2012. Iron Giant was chosen by So Percussion after the group submitted a recording of their ensemble performing David Skidmore’s Ritual [...]

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