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Our Season

Festival Season Countdown

Del Sol arrives in less than a month. Don’t miss this fabulous foursome who will be playing some fantastic music, including the Southern Premiere of The Named Angels by Mohammed Fairouz at Saturday night’s performance.

Concerts are February 21 and 22 at 129 Coosa. Get Tickets now!

Oktoberfest – September 20

Don’t miss an opportunity to just have fun and help contribute to ClefWorks’ education and outreach efforts. Join us at The Tipping Point for beer tastings, German pub fare and, of course, great music from Birmingham’s Iron Giant! Sponsored by The Tipping Point.

Here Comes the Sun….

San Francisco-based Del Sol string quartet will be our guest performer for ClefWorks’ 2014 Festival. Save their main concert dates now – February 21 and 22. More info to come on programs soon!

Beyond So!

So Percussion arrived in Montgomery on February 5th and performed two ticketed concerts on Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9. Both concerts were held at the newly renovated City Auditorium, beginning at 7:30 pm. Check out the two programs if you missed the fun!