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2009 Sponsors





  • David and Betty Bobbitt Byrne
  • Miles and Elmore DeMott
  • Henry and Jo Moore
  • Barry and Jeana Prim
  • Roger and Debby Spain
  • Ken and Leah Stephens
  • Jeff and Sharon Windham
  • Anonymous
  • Flynn and Cathy Mozingo
  • LogoBranders
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church


  • Bob and Julie Claussen
  • Deidra Lemons
  • Macon and Sallie Brock
  • Carlyle and Allison Chandler
  • Greg and Anne Collett
  • Leigh G. Falkner
  • Jim and Ashley Hamlett
  • Turner and Ashley Inscoe
  • Darren and Christy Kreitz
  • Scott and Ashley McDaniel
  • Duncan and Jeanie McRae
  • Perry and Suzanne Roquemore
  • Andrea and Euel Screws
  • Guice and Leah Slawson
  • David and Shawn Register
  • Charles and Winnie Stakely
  • George and Mildred Wakefield, III
  • FUTURE Montgomery
  • Leale McCall
  • Ted and Donna Giles
  • Rachelle B. Janush
  • Burke R. Schloss
  • Patti G. Hill
  • Mystic Couturier
  • Anonymous
  • Greg Tankersly and Mary Robin Jurkiewicz
  • Ben and Kimberly Baker
  • Valerie Wilkerson

Other Noteworthy Sponsors

  • Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation
  • John and Michelle Bemis
  • Thomas Hinds
  • Charles McLemore
  • Teresa and Lewis Ware
  • Clint and Liz Carter
  • Ken and Brenda Smith
  • Richard and Brittney Calhoun
  • Larry and Bobbie Carter
  • Jennifer Hagood
  • Andy Angel and Jennifer Hoover
  • Scott and Cindy Sellers
  • Arrow Rents
  • La Jolla
  • Cool Beans
  • Olive Room
  • Turtle Tree Treats, LLC
  • Barbara B. McBryde
  • Talisman Rose Garden Club
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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