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2010 Sponsors

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  • Beasley Allen Law Firm
  • Steve and Suzanne Davidson
  • Martha Demere
  • Ken and Leah Stephens
  • Lisa and Andy Weil
  • Keven and Katrina Belt
  • Flynn and Cathy Mozingo
  • John and Caroline Sease
  • Arrow Rents


  • James and Carey Albritton
  • Richard and Brittney Calhoun
  • Morris Dees and Susan Starr
  • Jim and Ashley Hamlett
  • Leale McCall
  • Scott and Ashley McDaniel
  • Duncan and Jeanie McRae
  • Cohen’s Inc.
  • Burke R. Schloss
  • Charlie and Winnie Stakely
  • Roger and Debby Spain

Other Noteworthy Sponsors

  • Beverly Atwell
  • Robert and Julia Claussen
  • David and Amy Cohen
  • Jay and Susan Cooper
  • Greg and Lori Lein
  • Diane McCrary
  • Jon and Lynne Payne
  • Russell and Tara Sinco
  • Greg Tankersly and Mary Robin Jurkiewicz
  • Mark and Anne Waldo
  • Valerie Wilkerson
  • Delta Kappa Gamma
  • Barrie and Laura Harmon
  • Larry and Bobbie Carter
  • Wyatt and Barbara Wells
  • Barbara McBryde
  • Talisman Garden Club
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
  • Barrie and Laura Harmon

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